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October 29-31, 2003
Aurora Borealis
Norwich, NY

We were amazed and delighted to see the Northern Lights
on Wednesday, October 29 and 30, 2003
We tried photographing, using a Sony DSC-S30 Cybershot digital camera.

The camera was set for an 8 second exposure.
It showed only a faint pinkish glow.

But when we enhanced the red, we got the following image

The next picture is also at 8 seconds, with no digital fixes after it was taken.
This shows pretty accurately what we could see with our eyes.

Using the "quick fix" feature on "Image X" brought out the dramatic colors.

What a night!
Best of all, the aurora lasted from about 6PM to about 9PM and it was fairly warm out.
We checked frequently until 11PM, but we didn't see it any more that night.

Hope you had a chance to see it.

Here are some useful sites:
Here's the map of the aurora potential.  The blue does not count - only the red and orange.

 For space weather:
Red on the bar graph indicates strong aurora potential.
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Published 10/31/03
Photos by David

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