Elderflower Wine

The elderberry bushes are blooming.
Elderberry Flowers, elderflowers

I found a recipe for elderflower wine or elderflower champagne.

D cut 100 small blossoms from our elderberry plants.
I laid them out on newspaper to give critters time to leave.
elderflowers resting on newspaper to let the bugs leave

I cut off some of the stems.
That wasn't in the recipe, but it seemed like a good idea.
Elderberry Flowers, elderflowers, trimmed for wine

I dissolved 3 pounds of sugar in two gallons of water.
Added the juice of three lemons and six slices of lemon from those large lemons.
Four tablespoons of cider vinegar came next.

liquid ingredients for elderflower wine - lemon, vinegar, sugar, water

I added the trimmed, de-bugged elderflowers.
The pot is now resting, covered, in the front hall.
resting for 30 hours.

After 36 hours, it gets strained and put into soda bottles.
I used a stainless steel pot, stainless steel colander, and a old sheer curtain.
Everything was first sterilized with bleach.

It is a lovely color.  
It's very syrupy.  I hope it mellows.

It should be ready in about three weeks.

The recipes I found suggest that you check periodically to see if carbonation is building up.
We'll see.


Published 6/23/12.
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