Yorkshire Pudding

December 3, 2009

We had a taste for Yorkshire Pudding.
And we are enjoying the eggs from our chickens.
I used my new mixer, but that was not really necessary.
Here it is just into the oven.

It is so much fun to watch as it puffs up..

Worked well.

You should not open the oven while the pudding is cooking.
I read a story about Alfred Hitchcock that said that he, personally, hates suspense.
When his wife made a souflee or a Yorkshire pudding, he was forbidden to open the oven to peek.
He was so frustrated that he went out and bought a stove with a window.

Aren't they lovely.

And delicious!

Wish you were here!
Here's the recipe from cooks.com.
I used two huge eggs.
I also used 1/2 cup milk and 1/2 cream.
I put the butter in the hot dishes, rather than in the batter.
YORKSHIRE PUDDING  http://www.cooks.com/rec/view/0,184,136164-239205,00.html  
Popovers and variations:
Mix, don't overbeat, popover batter, and only until it is free of lumps, no more than one or two minutes. If batter is not to be used immediately, pour it into custard cups and refrigerate. Popovers are normally moist inside but if you want drier popovers,, pick the tops witha sharp fork 5 minutes before baking is finished.
1 cup milk or diluted evaporated milk  (HEAVY CREAM)
1 cup flour (SCANT)
2 tsps. shortening, melted
2 to 3 eggs
1/2 tsp. salt
Beat eggs; add milk. Sift flour; measure; add salt. Add flour to egg mixture. Add melted shortening. Beat slightly. Pour into well greased custard cups. Bake
Put beef drippings to a pan. Pour batter into pan. Bake.
Time, Temp and Yield:
40-50 min.; 375F; 6 servings

You can analyse recipes at:  http://caloriecount.about.com/cc/recipe_analysis.php

In case you are interested in the nutrition as I made it,
 there are 182 calories, lots of cholesterol, lots of fat.


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Yorkshire Pudding or Popovers

This has been a spring and summer of getting around. 2005

You can see those pictures:
We're off to Maine for a week of pictures and lobster!  Day 5
The New York State Fair - lots of chickens and other animals.
A search for Rexford Falls and finding the Sherburne Historic District.
Antique Firetrucks in Liverpool.
Balloons at the Spiedie Fest.
A trip to Utica to see Munson-Williams-Proctor Museum and Fountain Elms
We rented a canoe at Nathaniel Cole Park.

A visit to Hanford Mills and the Lumberjack Show
Hancock Shaker Village.
A trip to Pixley Falls and Delta Lake.
We watched them set up the Big Top at the Circus
We went to the Utica Zoo
Then we went to the Syracuse Zoo
Wickwire House in Cortland
A trip to babysit the grandkids
A visit to Boston to see a Red Sox Game
Drive through Edmeston area to see the animals
Ithaca Herbert F. Johnson museum trip
And there are lots of pictures of our trip out west.

 travel to
Texas Day 1 San Antonio to Pearsall
Texas Day 2 Pearsall to Laredo
Texas Day 3 Laredo to Brownsville
Texas Day 4 South Padre Island

Texas Signs amused us
More signs.

Art Museum at Vassar

Mid Atlantic:  
Longwood Gardens
Longwood Fountains
Longwood Flowers
Winterthur Silver
Winterthur Children's Park

Old Stone Fort, Schoharie, NY
Cherry Valley, New York
CMOG  Corning Museum of Glass -

Hot adventures
from other summers:

Chittenango Falls
Fort Stanwix

Yorkshire pudding is fun to watch!
Leslie's new toy has arrived.
Oh, oh, cluck, cluck.

We saw some very unusual clouds - altocumulus undulatus.

The cool of autumn brings a taste for bean soup.
We pressed apples for cider.
Then Peri came for a visit.
Frankie came to visit.
Hubbardsville Mall is a destination.
Frankie and Grandpa enjoy a water fight.
New Years Day sundog.
A Balloon Chase is always fun.

Frankie plays LaCrosse.  And we see the second game.
The ballet recital features Peri!
Candy graduates with a BS/RN.

Then there was a new
moth.   (Eight spotted forester)
A hailstorm surprised us in June.
The daffodils are in bloom in April.
In May, it's tulips and bleeding heart. And pinks and purples.
And weeds!!

Tomatoes are ready to start.
And there are beans.
So are onions.

Spring finds us in Maryland and Delaware.
New Castle, Delaware, is a quaint river town.  
may not be published yet.
The flowers were lovely.  

And so were the birds and other animals.
Longwood Gardens has opened it's Children's Indoor Garden with wonderful whimsical fountains.
Oh, my, there are orchids!

Fall trip to Vermont and New Hampshire.

Our trip to Baltimore and Washington.
Baltimore people watching
Baltimore Architecture
Baltimore Orioles game
we're off to Washington, DC
Washington flowers are here
American Indian museum
Fireworks on the Fourth of July

Garden - heirloom tomatoes
     Garden in June
We made Dill Pickles
And we picked blueberries and made blueberry buckle and cobbler.

We love the minimalist (NY Times) no-knead bread.

In July the daylilies are blooming

B-Mets game
A strange vine appeared
    It's carrion flower - or Jacob's ladder.
We went to Meredith Dairy Days
Downy Woodpecker feeds its baby.



Other interests: 

House and Garden


No Knead Bread

daffodil 3

Animals hummingbirds  2
robin baby

Gray Fox

Insects  - moth pictures - polyphemus

Hummingbird Moth  1  2

October Snow
Oxford House
Tree Disaster
In Autumn    Before/After Exterior

Stone Quarry Hill Art Park  2

kids on the swing

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Published 12/3/09  
Photos by Leslie